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Eduardo Diaz Sancha

I'm a Software Engineer

Hi! I'm a software developer from the Canary Islands, Spain. In the past, I lived in multiple places in Spain and France, Cambodia and California. I moved to NYC in 2014.


I work at JackThreads as a senior iOS developer in their native app. Previously I worked at Thrillist Media Group until Thrillist and JackThreads splitted.

During my time in Silicon Valley I worked at Eversnap, a photo and video sharing startup, as Lead iOS Developer.

I also worked as iOS Developer in Golden Gekko, for two years. Before that I was in different companies working on J2EE and .NET. I've done backend and frontend development, programming, freelancing and consulting since high school. You can check out more details in my Work page.

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Personal Projects

For the past few years I have been quite busy so I haven't worked on too many personal projects.


This is my personal web development playground built in Jekyll and hosted on Github. As every good playground, it's in active mode, still playing with it.


I love sports, good food (preferably a good steak), beer with friends, biking, listening to music and traveling as much as I can.

Technically, I love iOS development and everything around it. You can find me watching WWDC videos in my free time or creating prototypes and I'd love to know how to build elegant, scalable and technology independent solutions.

I also like to take photos from my mobile:

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