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03 Feb 2014 5 minutes read

What's in my iOS Toolbox? (2)

Note: This is the continuation to What’s in my iOS Toolbox? article.

After writing the previous article, I realized that there are a lot of tools that I left behind. I’ve used some of them eventually in projects. Some others are completely new for me but I’ll try them in the future. I also think that it could be useful to write down some interesting 3rd party libraries that have a lot of future and some backend soultions for the every type of project.

3rd party libraries and frameworks

This section deserves a detailed article by itself, but there’re some libraries that need to be considered in most projects and others that are changing paradigms in the industry.

You’ll probably tell me that this list is super sort, but it’s intended to be like that. There’re other libraries included in other categories and a ton of smaller ones that are worth to be here. These ones are either basic (AFN) or paradigm changers (RAC and Typhoon). Be sure to subscribe to Cocoa Controls newsletter to get the latest ones.

Core Data

I have a love/hate relationship with Core Data and I think most iOS Developers will have the same feeling. That said, it’s better to have some tools to help working with it.

Checkout the excellent article about different Core Data frameworks and Libraries in NSHipster.

Automated testing

Automated testing is always a hard choice. You need to write scripts or code to interact to your interface, making your work (or your company’s) almost the double.


Backend Services

There are another BaaS options that offer similar services like: Windows Azure, Kinvey, Backendless, Shephertz


Other solutions worth naming are: Localytics, MobileAppTracking, keen.io, Gekkoboard

App Sales Reports

The article is getting long enough, but it should be a good continuation to the previous post. I still have some sections to fill: iOS books, logging, debugging, reverse engineering (although limited), applications to help marketing the app… But I think it’s better to leave it for an upcoming article. As always, I love your suggestions in the comments section and twitter. Thanks!!!

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