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26 Feb 2014 2 minutes read

On the move

I’m on the move, again. Next week I’ll be starting a great job as iOS Developer in an amazing company, Thrillist, located in Soho, New York. It’s hard to explain how excited I am about starting over again but I’ll try.

First of all, why New York? San Francisco Bay is a thriving environment with thousands of opportunities, it’s probably the area with more exciting projects that you can find. In fact, I love it.

Because I love it, that’s why I have to leave it. I want to experiment another great city, probably the one who is closely behind SF in technological terms, to figure out what I want to do in long term. I’ve heard so good things about New York, that when the possibility appeared in front of me I jumped over it.

Most of my friends support me blindly and I’m thankful for that. There’re some that ask me about my fears, if I’m scared of a fresh start in the unknown and the fact is that I’m not. I’m nervous, excited and I want to do it. My fears are more related to what happens if I like it. How long will I be in NYC? One year, three, all my life?

I have a place in my heart for the places I’ve lived in, Las Palmas, Paris, Madrid, Phnom Penh, San Francisco. I know for sure that I’ll be back to all of them and who knows, I might be back for more than holidays. I have great ideas for some of those places: I’d love to live “on the road”, living some months in different places but that’s another story. My next step will be enjoying the renowned Capital of the World and tell the other places that:

*It’s a see you soon, not a goodbye.*

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