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19 Mar 2014 3 minutes read

Two weeks in NYC

It’s already been two weeks in the big apple and it’s starting to impress me in some good ways and in not-so-good ways. It wouldn’t be fair to say that everything has been great. I’ll start with the ‘bad’ things:

  • The weather: it’s the coldest winter I had lived in and that’s ok, but the weather changes are horrible. I have a cold since the day I arrived and I don’t know how am I going to get rid of it.

  • Apartment hunt: You sum up 6 months living on savings with stratospherical apartment prices and multiply it with no US credit score and you have a not-the-best situation. Thanks to the small savings I had and my family I’m staying in temporary places until I can fulfill all the crazy requirements to get my “own” place.

  • New York streets doesn’t look the cleaniest in the world. I know that it’s a gigantic task but I’ve seen scenes on the street that remind me a lot to Phnom Penh and its wildlife. By the way, it hasn’t reached any limit.

On the good side:

  • The company: Thrillist is a great place to work. As soon as I’m getting into speed I enjoy it more and more. Every week there are fun/interesting activities organized by the company or the colleagues and I had a great first impression. I’m very thankful of the help I’m getting from my colleagues.

  • Public transportation: Even when rush hour seems to last forever, it works fast and I had just a short disruptions on the line I’ve been using (L). It works all day long, which seems like a miracle to me.

  • The food: I’ve already been in nice places to eat and I’ve just started. I want to dive into the myriad of restaurants that you can find in here.

  • Cultural activities: I haven’t tried them yet, but the program and possibilities are huge.

I’ve missed St. Patrick’s parade but I’ve realized that I’ve been in 5 different cities in the latest 5 years on that day. Should I book a good trip for next years or finally enjoy the parade and the party here?

I’m just looking forward the spring time, better weather, some tourist time and enjoy this city to its fullest.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”.

T. S. Eliot

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