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05 May 2021 2 minutes read

Last Week Reads - April 28th - May 5th

Every week I'll write down the best articles I've stumbled upon, in the hope of resonate them. As always, opinions are my own and not my employer's.

This week’s reading has been focused mostly in preparing for the transition to a new role. More on that to come, but researching and reading best practices when onboarding has been on top of my reading. I think I’ll make a more detailed post after settling down in the new position.

  • A breakdown of the common pit-falls that rapidly growth startups or small teams under pressure commit when building apps fast. The article also shines light in the fact that building apps is more complex than building cool features, privacy, security and accessibility are most of the times last in the priority list (and they shouldn’t!), in this case Clubhouse is the example: A 4 Billion app doesn’t value privacy, security or accessibility.
  • What Nobody Says about Startup Moms.
  • I love to see this studies that prove what should be evident, the study is a clear indicator that adding more women to C-Suite structures has a lot of benefits, but a more diverse organization in every aspect is not that is better, not having a diverse, equatable organization is worse for it. Adding Women to the C-Suite Changes How Companies Think.
  • Another proof that ad companies don’t want users to know how they really do things. They need to ban this kind of “bad publicity”. Kudos to Signal for a smart campaign The Instagram ads Facebook won’t show you.
  • I’m reading The First 90 Days from Michael Watkins. A classic on how to approach transitions to a new position, a promotion or a lateral movement. I’m taking notes and I hope to share them here.
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