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13 May 2021 2 minutes read

Last Week Reads - May 5th - May 12th

Every week I'll write down the best articles I've stumbled upon, in the hope of resonate them. As always, opinions are my own and not my employer's.

This week has been a “bridge” week, we’ve had this trip with some days off planned to Florida from months ago and it happens to also be my last week at Chopra. That that means is that I’ve had to share some swimming pool babysitting (best work ever!) with transitioning out from a team I love. On top of the regular transition activities, I’ve been performing “Inverse Exit Interviews” where I’ve been talking with peers and reports to get their feedback and express my gratitude towards a great team.

  • The importance of humility in software development: Traditionally, emotional intelligence (EQ) consists of self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, empathy, and motivation. From my point of view, humility and the capacity to put others in front of yourself is a great EQ factor, especially in an industry with a high level of IQ.

  • Workplace wellbeing is a scam: Working at a wellbeing focused company in the last year has made me realize how hard is to implement wellness best practices at work. In my previous experiences, it’s always come from good faith and best intentions, but I could see how it could be the opposite. I disagree with the title, but a good reminder of how to not do it.

  • Apple robbed the mobs bank: From my point of view, Apple’s intentions are always to bring more people (and revenue) onto their ecosystem. The main difference is how you do it. In this case, yes, they are empowering their ad business sections, but privacy is still part of the mission and that’s what I value. It would be reckless to think that Apple cares about privacy at any cost, but there’s always a way to make business with the right values.

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