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30 May 2021 2 minutes read

Last Week Reads - May 20th - May 30th

Every week I'll write down the best articles I've stumbled upon, in the hope of resonate them. As always, opinions are my own and not my employer's.

I’ve been behind my last week’s reads blog posts. It’s been interesting to try to adapt to the new schedules in the family, and that has affected the rate I can read anything. Here’s some of the latest

  • Sometimes a tweet is the only thing to value how important something is for so many people. Accessibility is definitely one of my priorities for the next years.

  • Since I started working on an established team, I’ve been reading advice articles on how to better transitioning into these teams. I found this one pretty spot on, mostly because it outlines the basics How to Manage Existing Teams.

  • An interesting article in the complex relationship between PMs, EMs and stakeholders How Product Can (and Can’t) Speed Up Development .

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